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1990 - 2000


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2000 -2013




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: [ PDF]



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[Supplementary material PDF]

Gillison, A.N., Bignell, D.E., Brewer, K.R.W., Fernandes, E.C.M., Jones, D.T., Sheil, D., May, P.H., Watt, A.D., Constantino, R., Couto, E.G., Hairiah, K., Jepson, P., Kartono, A.P., Maryanto, I., Neto, G.G., van Noordwijk, M., Silveira, E.A., Susilo, F-X., Vosti, S.A. & Nunes, P.C. (2013). Plant functional types and traits as biodiversity indicators for tropical forests: two biogeographically separated case studies including birds, mammals and termites. Biodiversity and Conservation. 22, 1909-1930.[PDF] [ Supplementary material PDF]


Gillison, A.N. and Addicott, E. (2014) Tour Guide to key Ecoregins of the Wet and Dry Tropics of North Queensland. 57th Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science. Pos-symposium field excursion guidebook. 1 September 2014. Center for Biodiversity Management, P.O. Box 120 Yungaburra, Queensland 4884. ISBN 978-0-646-92674-2 [PDF]


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