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Center For Biodiversity Management

About us

Through its research activities CBM contributes directly to improvements in sustainable biodiversity management. Our unique global database on plant-based biodiversity already encompasses more than 1900 sites worldwide, subsets of which are available for use by bona fide researchers and clients. Our continuing research in the development of generic biodiversity indicators has already enabled us to identify suites of user-friendly indicators for use in sustainable biodiversity management in the world’s tropical forests. The methodology is now available in peer-reviewed scientific publications and on our website. As a not-for-profit organization, CBM also provides comprehensive advice to clients in environmental management, with a strong focus on training and technology transfer in cost-efficient biodiversity assessment and rapid survey methods. Expertise is available to capture baseline biophysical and socioeconomic information that is fundamental to integrated natural resource management

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CBM Mission

Our immediate aim is to provide users worldwide with free access to state-of-the-art biodiversity assessment methodology and related software programs through peer-reviewed scientific publications and the public-domain internet. Our continuing mission will be to maintain and develop a comprehensive global database of vegetation-based data using standard recording protocols.  In the short-to mid-term these data will be available in the public domain for modeling impacts of global change on biodiversity. Access to such data by managers and planners in both developing and developed countries will be consistent with our mission which is to enhance capacity to forecast impacts of specific resource use on biodiversity and productivity and to develop sustainable options for adaptive management.